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About SteelSave

SteelSave Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Ian Massey who has a 40 plus year background in steel trading, steel wholesaling, steel retailing and now for over 20 years in the manufacturing and importing of livestock handling equipment.

Ian’s steel experience is quite wide having introduced during his trading days numerous new steel products to the range of steels traded. These included plastic mould steel used in applications such as the manufacture of car bumper bars, casing and drill pipe used in extraction of oil and gas, stainless steel grades used in the cooking and marine industries, tin steel used for steel can manufacture, carbon and alloy steels used in many industries and reinforcement steels used in the building industry. There are few people in Australia with this range of steel knowledge.

Locally people think Australian steel is better steel. This is great marketing locally as Australia produces less than 1% of world steel production hence to say the other 99% of steel produced overseas is rubbish is simply not true. Good steel is produced all over the world including China its just a matter of knowing what grade of steel to order. Ian’s background makes this task possible. Where you see cheaper product it is more than likely the steel is not fit for purpose (wrong grade or too thin are very common reasons).

Today most of the products offered by SteelSave are manufactured overseas to Ian’s specification.

Product Guarantee  

SteelSave product range is guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase against defective workmanship.

Note: It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the product purchased is suitable for the buyers intended use and corrosive environment.


The corrosion life of steel products is influenced by many factors such as proximity to the coast, animal waste, soot from burning sugar cane, mineralised water from bores or springs, fertilisers, moist acidic contaminants in soil etc. 

It should be noted that steel tubular suppliers provide no warranty as to the suitability for purpose or life expectancy of their products.